Submitting a Panel Proposal

Guidelines for Panel Proposal Submissions

Assessment Standards

A successful paper, panel, or workshop proposal should

• Raise a significant question for the discipline;
• Address this question through precise analysis of a particular genre, text, work, event, person, or place, which must be named in the proposal;
• Include at least 3 papers (usually 4 for workshops) and have aims that are feasibly achievable in ninety minutes (about 20 minutes each for 3 papers with time for discussion).

Necessary Materials

Before submitting your panel proposal to the SCSC via the online submissions program, you should prepare the following information:

• Name, email address, and affiliation for the panel chair (and commentator, if applicable).
• If applicable, the Affiliated Society sponsoring the panel (optional).
• Title and Abstract for the Panel. The abstract may be no more than 300 words.

NB: If you will be entering the information for all the participants of the panel you are organizing, rather than having presenters submit their paper information themselves, you will need complete contact information, title abstract, presenter bio, and AV needs or EACH presenter. You will have the option of asking each presenter to submit their own information linked to your panel by providing each presenter with the Panel Code that our online system will assign your panel.

Participation in Sessions

To ease scheduling and promote intellectual exchange, the SCSC limits the participation of conference attendees to:

• 1 presentation of a paper, and
• 1 comment on a session or membership on a roundtable, and
• 1 chairing of a session.

Attendees may participate in some combination of these activities up to three (e.g., chairing two sessions and being on the panel of one roundtable), but they may not present more than ONE paper.

Because some attendees participate in activities submitted to different track directors, the primary responsibility for ensuring adherence to these guidelines rests with the attendees themselves. If at any time during the programming process, the conference program committee learns that an attendee has exceeded the allowed number of conference activities, the program committee will revise that attendee's conference activities to bring them in line with the guidelines.

Submitting your Panel Proposal Online

All panel proposals must be submitted through the SCSC online conference website at: If you already have a user account and password for the SCSC conference site, you will be prompted to enter your email address and password. If you did not create a user account last year, you must do so at this point. Please be sure to COMPLETELY fill in all the information on the user account form (especially academic affiliation, complete mailing address, and phone number.) When you have filled in the user account information, click the “create” button at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken to the panel submission screen. Submitters with user accounts will be taken directly to the submission page after logging in.

Choose the appropriate conference from the “Conference” drop-down menu. Next choose a will “track” for your panel. Choose the track that most closely fits the topic of your panel. If none of the tracks seem to fit, you may use the “Interdisciplinary” track. After choosing a track for your panel you will fill in the panel title, abstract (300 words max), name, affiliation and email address for the panel chair (panel commentators are optional).

At this point you have the option of either adding each presentation for the panel, or simply clicking submit. Option 1: If you want to have the presenters submit their own paper information, click submit and follow up with each presenter by sending them the panel code that our system will send you in an email message. Option 2: You may also enter all the information for each presenter yourself by clicking on the “add presentation” button for each presentation.

Once your submission is successfully submitted, you will be directed to a confirmation page indicating that your proposal has been submitted.

You can log in to the SCSC conference website at any time before the submission closing date to edit your submission.